Pisão Extreme

Skyrunning is a mainly mountainous pedestrian racing activity. Skyrunning courses have a high positive slope, technical sections and steep slopes (over 30%), and can use paths, rails, rocks or snow. They may have a small percentage of asphalt, but they have high average slopes in parts of the route and reach the highest mountains in the region, from any locality nearby. These routes are always very technical, that is, they have a landscape component of great beauty.

In this context we see the region of S. Pedro do Sul as a region of excellence for the practice of this modality in frank growth all over the World, inserted in the network of the Magical Mountains this event intends to provide all participating athletes an experience against the history of the past, enjoy the unique nature of the surrounding area of the magical mountains of S. Pedro do Sul taking the athletes in three paths to overcome in unique altimetry in Portugal!